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First Baptist Church Converts Opposition Into Support

Talk mitigated opposition to First Baptist Church's second attempt to purchase a former jail from the county by educating stakeholders, managing the media and enlisting third party support. The sale went through with nominal opposition.

  • A first attempt to purchase the Law Enforcement Center was denied by county commissioners after rumor and negative publicity took hold.
  • With a change in county commissioners came a 2nd opportunity to purchase the former jail.
  • First Baptist wanted the campaign to make the purchase possible and build support for the humanitarian center it hoped to build at the jail site.

Talk created a strategy that included the following:

  • Speaking opportunities for Pastor Mike Queen with various downtown stakeholders, business leaders and opinion leaders
  • A press kit that detailed key messages and addressed all concerns that had arisen in first purchase attempt
  • Source sheet of third party supporters who would voice their support to the media
  • Took Pastor Queen on a speaking tour of downtown stakeholders
  • Provided tours of the former jail to local media to help them envision future uses
  • Detailed the economic benefits of transforming this vacant space into a purposeful use
  • Offered an advance exclusive to the Star News to ensure the complexity of the story would be presented thoroughly and accurately.
  • Widespread, positive media coverage in print, TV and radio
  • Great enthusiasm and support within the First Baptist Church congregation
  • Repaired damage to church reputation that resulted from first purchase attempt

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